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My name is Ana Isabel Teixeira, I live in Porto, Portugal. I'm studying Communications Design at the Faclity of Fine Arts at the University of Porto, a degree I'm hoping to finish this year, 2022. I was fortunate to visit Latvia's Art Academy, Riga for a semester, where I learned more about traditional printing methods. Here's some very usefli facts about me: can't ride a bike; I'm actually 22; big fan of Iceland (vlicanos); there's many fruits I've never tried;aspiring baker, slow runnerr; 1.3m wingspan; very optimistic...

Hi, I'm Ana! potential vulcano enthusiast can't ride a bike strong baker haven't tried a weird amount of fruits I'm 22! bird admirer . 

Latest Projects

I'm Ana Isabel, I'm a graphic designer, currently finishing my BA in Communications Design at the Faclity of Fine Arts at the University of Porto and looking forward for my next step!

Here's some cool stuff I've been doing:

  • 15 minutes between Gondomar and Porto

    , 2021 editorial
  • Shipwreck at the Threshold of Europe

    , 2021 poster
  • Poem Generator

    , 2021 web
  • Blob

    , 2021 app
  • Imagine Asdfg

    , 2020 book
  • Bodobo

    , 2020 editorial
  • Untitled

    . 2020 editorial

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This project aims to visually encapsulate a shared media ecology within a shared universe: the transitional space between the domestic and the academic – the journey home-university and university-home is a moment of undefined characteristics and undefined rules between two contradictory spaces. We share it regularly and exceptionally, thus constituting the ideal premise for this project: a shared media ecology.

Within this context, we used the radio as a starting point for the mapping of our media ecology, as it is a technology that is extremely prevalent on a car ride. Moreover, we valued the notion of white noise – a random signal of constant intensity of different frequencies, associated with the radio.

We wrote the program meant for generating new versions of the poster using Processing. What favors the generative format is its potential of capturing the desire for expansion and the possibility to intervene in itself, without compromising the information and fostering new readings. 

2021. In collaboration with Eliana Rodrigues.
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EU’s handling of migrants and refugees is a perpetual failure. As European citizens, we’re fed a distorted glimpse of their journeys by the media, as to avoid the risk of steering us to empathise and take real action. We can’t accept their truth and must call for accountability and action. This essay is a reminder of what’s concealed from us.

The scenery inside the book was born from a performance of our own. In the making of this environment, the screen was ever-present. By taking panoramic shots of a TV screen, the images are the result of the interaction of two machines — the cold reflection of already altered images from one screen to the other. Nonetheless, the performative aspect in this process was crucial to our essay, as it brings us, the designers, into an active role. We’re silent — as to not overshadow the experiences of migrants and refugees — but we are present. ​​​​​​​

Finally, we would like to address Amel Alzakout’s Purple Sea. This movie has had a tremendous effect in our essay, as it is a genuine, firsthand account of refugee crisis. Alzakout takes her own undistilled narrative into her own hands and shares it with the world in her own terms — it’s the nauseating truth we’re kept from but must be exposed to for real action to take place. Additionally, Forensic Architecture’s investigation is also of special notice. In our reality, their work has become a necessity as the information we receive from official sources is too often a farce, and the truth is a relic we can’t take for granted. ​​​​​​​

2021. In collaboration with Eliana Rodrigues and Inês Canha.
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This is a poem generator based on Google's Privacy Policy. It's part of a set of experiments testing the boundaries and possibilities of vanilla JavaScript. As I've become better acquainted with JavaScript, I decided to put myself up for the challenge of programming this tool without any add-ons or libraries. The objective was to create a tool which would generate a new poem with each reload of the page, which could be read as the user moves the cursor across the page. The tone of the poem is determined by the speed and accelaration of the user's mouse movements. The result is fun, somewhat nostalgic and most definitely food for thought. The generated poem is always available in the page's console.

You can check this project out here!

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Blob is an intuitive and comprehensive app aimed at managing personal and academic projects, making use of useful tools that allow you to take notes, draw, storage images, structure tasks and view your progress in various projects at hand. Our objective is to facilitate and enhance the work process of creative professionals and students.

You can choose to look at your projects in list view or in a more graphic way: the blob view. Notice that the closer your deadline is, the bigger the blob will be! You will never miss a deadline again!

2021. In collaboration with Eliana Rodrigues and Rita Faria.
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Imagine Asdfg came about during a semester away in Riga, in late 2020. During my stay with the Art Academy of Latvia, I had a chance to experiment with several sorts of traditional printing methods. This publication was a side project that encapsulated this learning experience, throughout a six month period. This large-scale book is made from remains taken from the printing workshops in the academy, brought together by twine.

The soft colors and differing textures are accompanied by an original text, brought about from random words taken from Oliver Sacks' "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" which were reshuffled and reorganized into a nonsensical poem.

imagine entering a celluloid world of hallucinating intensity.
your context construed the world,
it's positively martian!
the world is infolded in itself and smells of a higher symmetry.
surprise! imagination lacks the difference to make a reasonable guess of sex.
the red rose on the sofa sees the love scene in progress and recognises nobody.
you're yearning face-to-face absence.
no outward persona, no person within.
fury! your world contains its contents.
this is funny.
passion! a convoluted red form with a linear green attachment enters the world.
it's farcical, like television.
symmetry was damaged.
a hand grabs it.
there is a melting reconciliation.
you laugh.


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"Bodobo" is an experimental nonsense publication where bananas, sleeping and dildos meet and come together through co-non-existence into digital environments that will forever be nightmare fuel. It takes inspiration from 1990's zine culture, and adapts it to the overfed digital space of the 2020's and this era's paradoxes regarding taboo-culture and guilt. The title comes from a blend of the Portuguese names of the three "themes" in question. This publication's contents came to be arbitrarily, as there is no correlation between them other than that's what we decided we wanted to do. The result is a horrifyingly figurative e-hellscape, regurgitated into print format - a detail which reminds us that what happens in the web should stay in the web, the consequences of bringing banana-fish into our plane of existence are far too damning.

As all the three authors are Portuguese, some of the contents in this zine are in the Portuguese language. Most of the contents was taken directly from the web space, as we made it a point not to "make" any of the content ourselves (as in text and image). The only piece of media we created was the picture used in the cover of the zine. Furthermore, most of the media used was derived from nightmarish Google searches, Wayback Machine travels and Uncyclopedia articles.

2020. In collaboration with Inês Canha and Teresa Barandela.
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Untitled was born out of an experiment I developed in collaboration with Pedro Dias. When the state of emergency was declared in Portugal, we became stuck inside our houses for about two months. Because of this, we developed a new relationship with the outside world, and with it came a new concept of inside/outside. We were floating in place inside our little glass shells to protect ourselves from the “invisible enemy”.

Separately, we sat by our windows and gave in to voyeurism, watching and photographing any strangers we could see. This resulted in somewhat of a voyeur’s diary, photographic logs documenting the lives of our neighbors and random passerbys. We’ve gathered these images and composed a small zine-like publication.

Two editions of this zine were printed in domestic printers and achieved very different results. While Pedro was able to capture the black and white silkiness of the original pictures, Ana’s printer spat out a acid-washed, mutilated version of the same publication due to lack of ink. We’ve embraced this “error” since it is quite ironic how it accidentally reflects how, despite living under a few of the same restrictions due to the pandemic, we’re all facing different types of hardship and different struggles in our own individual lives.

2020. In collaboration with Pedro Dias.
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